firnware upgrades

Good afternoon. I apologize but new here and wanting to know what are benefits from updating a MC5728V running

Modem Firmware Version = p2813301
Modem Firmware built = 06-24-10
Hardware Version = MC5728V Rev 1.0

to the release Verizon approved FW 1.56.00. Is there an area I can review the changes between and see if it is worth to upgrade?

Thanks is advance.

Hi seanmccarthy,

I think you can review the change from FW release note, for example:,-d-,56,-d-,01%20release%20Notes.aspx

This link to release note of FW 1.56.01 (Sprint approved) but the same doc actually cover the change from 1.33.01 to 1.56.00.

Please take a look.
Hope it helps.

Download for exe and zip doesn’t work. All links point to same XML file: … -d-,3.aspx