Where to find EM73xx Firmware Version 6.x.x.x

Hello, where can I find the version 6 firmware for Em73xx. I am told it supports data+voice. I would like to try it. I currently have firmware version: SWI9X15C_05.05.58.00 r27038 carmd-fwbuild1

Sierra site only shows version 5?

What latest approved FW we have for EM73xx product can be found here::

Voice is supported per product/certification approval, voice enabled/disabled setting can be queried via the AT!custom? command setting:
• “ISVOICEN”—Enable/disable voice functionality.
• 0 = Disable voice
• 1 = Enable voice
Please see AT command guide for details:

Note, correct that FW versions that support voice is 6.x baseline. For that you would need to obtain a unit that comes with this FW baseline. Upgrading from 5.x (data only) to a 6.x (data+voice) baseline is not supported.

Having said that, EM73xx product is end of life so these modules are no longer available.

Hi Thor - Thank you so much for answering all my questions so rapidly. Kudos to you and your aptitude for support!

am trying to come up with a low priced solution to use EM7355 devices for ocassional voice calls across a network of devices on the same cellular plan. I can’t get it to to dial, the command will issue but it will return “No Carrier” and my provider has given me all the services needed for data and voice + voLTE.

I don’t understand why I can plug my sim into a dumb phone 5 and do calling/reception but not the Sierra Wireless module? My provider approves of both.

Phones are approved by carriers for audio + data. WWAN modules from us is a little different, we have modules or SW releases for specific market so likewise approved as such by the carriers listed on our site driven by market demands for these modules. Module by design may support audio but we may have only commercialized it depending on the market & carrier for data only purposes.
We do have the next generation up EM/MC74xx modules that maybe compatible with your existing platform.

Having said that, although module may support audio and enabled, your platform would need to have the appropriate audio interface, codec as such to be able to handle audio calls - please refer to specific module PTS on our website for details on audio integration with our modules.

Hi Thor – Thanks for elaborating. I am wondering if MC74xx modules will work in my Toughbook for voice? The idea here is that I would like to use a headset to make or take occasional calls from Windows or Linux laptop ti other systems of the same build that are in a remote area but on cell network. I can pass data fine but I am at a loss as to how to get voice working, even if it is VoLTE which is supported by provider. Do I need to hire an expert?

Believe you speaking of Panasonic ToughBook - I don’t believe those platforms are designed to support voice. Ultimately, you may need to get in touch with the OEM (platform provider, in this case Panasonic), as they integrate and validate the desired functionalities into their end product. Module may support lot of features but OEMs may not necessarily provide the hooks on their platform to utilize all the feature sets of the module. They may have an upgrade path or alternate platform for what you maybe looking for.