EM7355 - Voice calls possible?!

Hello, I am new to the EM7355. I got it working in my Toughbook I can browse the internet and use SMS. My next question is there anyway to receive calls make calls with it… my plan allows for talk and data and I have a phone number associated with the SIM… but I can’t figure out how I would dial out or receive a phone call over 4G/3G network?

Any insight/recommendations are appreciated!


The EM7355 module is a DataOnly device thus voice call is not supported.

Hi Tomato,

Ok, I see that EM7345 supports PCM voice. Do you know if this will work instead? What other options do I have? If the hardware will work then there is this tool to test: https://m2msupport.net/m2msupport/sierra-wireless-em7345-4g-lte-m2-module/