Voice calls

Is there a firmware version for the EM7455 or other current module that “supports” voice or circuit switched data calls? I don’t need audio, just to have the call connect for testing. Either mobile or network initiated call would be fine.

Hi @aaron

The EM7455 has not supported voice calls or circuit-switched data calls. You can use other modules for voice calls (example WP76xx).

Please refer to official link from Sierra for more information and purchase. https://www.sierrawireless.com/products-and-solutions/embedded-solutions/iot-modules/ 5

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Thanks. So there is no ngff or mini-pcie card that can do voice?

The difference between the HL/RC/WP modules is not exactly clear. Do they all support voice?

Is there a sales in rep in Ottawa that I can borrow a module/board from for a few days?

I see there are versions of the WP76xx called ‘accessory boards’ that put the module on a minicard. However I don’t see anyone carrying these parts. Do they actually exist?

Hi aaron

You don’t need ngff or mini-pcie card that can do voice.

No, just some modules support voice. The LTE-M(CAT-M1)/NB-IoT (CAT-NB1)(WP7702, HL78XX) modules don’t support voice calls.

The 4G CAT-1, 4G Cat-4, 3G, 2G modules support voice calls.

You can find them here https://source.sierrawireless.com/#sthash.sMRn42y5.puEKBh4I.dpbs

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