MC7304 cs voice


i am a little confused about statements in the forum, documents and distributor about voice call with the mc7304. the distributor said:

“… In general the MC73xx product family does not support voice calls only data calls…”

the document AirPrime MC73XX-8805 AT Command Reference_V4 mentioned in chapter 11: Audio Commands:

This chapter describes commands used to configure and manage
audio-capable devices, including:
· MC7304

and some audio commands are only available with firmware 06.xx.xx.xx or higher

in the forum entry
there is a statement about the mc7304 and voice with the a firmware SWI9X15C_06.02.16.00 r21356 CNSHZ-AR-BUILD 2014/04/08 08:48:50

the document AirPrime_MC73xx_USB_Driver_Developers_Guide_Rev1_1 describes a audio usb interface, but i dont see an audio interface

i was able to make a voicecall (at least the signalling) with the vodafone approved firmware SWI9X15C_05.05.39.02 but not with the generic one SWI9X15C_05.05.58.00.

my questions are:
is the the mc7304 supporting voice cs calls?
when it is supporting, do i need a special firmware?
why is there a firmware SWI9X15C_06.02.16.00 from 2014 when the most recent one is SWI9X15C_05.05.58.00 from 2015 at
when voice is supported, is there a audio usb interface available?

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for MC73x modules there are different FW versions for voice and data.
FW version 4.x.x.x supports both voice and data
FW version 5.x.x.x supports only data
FW version 4.x.x.x supports both voice and data

You can use audacity tool for audio applications…

you can refer [url]]


Can you tell me which firmwares are for the voice call in the new firmware versions that are more modern than posted in this thread and EM series same as MC series?