Unable to perform Voice call in MC7304 modem

Able to send and receive SMS from MC7304 modem over UMTS network but i am unable to do a voice call from MC7304 modem.
1.Unable to execute at!custom=“ISVOICEN”,1 command
2.When i dial a number using ATDxxxxxxxxxxx; command it is giving NO CARRIER responce

MC7304 frimware version is SWI9X15C_05.05.58.00 r27038 carmd-fwbuild1 2015/03/04 21:30:23

FW version 5.5.x.x support only data. You have to use either 4.x.x.x or 6.x.x.x FW versions for voice and data support.



I have the same problem here.
Where can I get the 6.x or 4.x firmware from ?
I only find the 5.X version.

Thanks in advance.

The module that you have is a data only module with FW v5. It should not be upgraded to FW v6.

You need to order a specific SKU that supports data + voice.

Thanks for your reply.
So there are two different MC7304 modems out there.
MC7304 voice and 7304 data only ?

I bought it based on the following information:

LTE/HSPA+/GSM/GPRS/EDGE/EV-DO Rev A/1xRTT modules, with data speeds
up to 100Mbps downlink and 50 Mbps uplink and based on the latest chipset.
MC7354/50/50-L/04 feature LTE Quality of Service, VoLTE**/CSFB voice on
3G/2G/CDMA 1xRTT network and an extended set of LTE bands covering
worldwide operators.

gowifi.co.nz/specs/Sierra_W … odules.pdf

I have exactly same question. I was not able to download it from sierra site but from distributors site.

Why is it so? Datasheet shows that it supports digital voice. I upgraded my MC7304 to lsusb showed audio interfaces and audio device “was found” by linux. However I did not test it further.

I tried firmware version 5 for data call and 6.3 for voice call.
i want to check both voice and data at the same time is there any build supporting both data and voice at the same time

With Regards
P S Reddy

Where to get version 6 firmwares?