M2MStudio 1.1.1 Install previous OAT package

Dear all,
I am installing a new Pc XP with M2MStudio v1.1.1 using the OpenATSoftwareSuite2.31FullInstaller.exe, working fine.
After that, I want to import package SoftwareSuite V2.20 because I am using C OPUS I library from it.
It was impossible to import package from repository because *.exe file are not selected !

Searching the forum, i saw that this problem must be resolved in this V1.1.1 installation (bad Eclipse UI script), not possible to import the jar correction file.

On a other computer, where i started with the first M2M distribution, I don’t have this problem it’s possible to import previous package.

How can I import these packages !

Thank’s to all

In the Package Manager perspective, you shall be able to browse to the exe file by adding a new archive repository.

OK. It’s necessary to select the software suite as an archive file.