Adding a repository

i can’t add a folder-type repository !
I can create a name for it, but when i select folder, no button appears to browse for it and the ok button remains gray!

how do i add a repository?

i’m using M2M studio 1.1 and i’m trying to import the new firmware that was released last night…

okay, real interaction failure!!!
the url-box turns gray, but a button behind it appears. (it’s appearance went unnoticed because of the big white sheet turning gray)!

-edit 2-
oh, and after that…[attachment=0]M2M studio problem.PNG[/attachment]
… whatever you want.

ok, found the source of this problem…
What i used to do was:
unpack [OpenATSoftwareSuitev2.31.exe] into a subdirectory
point the package import wizzard to that subdirectry, and let the wizzard find the firmware, os and plugins.

what goes wrong is that the current firmware directory contains a zip-file.
the M2M import wizzard fails on this zip-file.
if i extract the contents of that zipfile into that directory, the above problem does not occur.

next problem:
the importer won’t let me install the latest firmware.

If you already have M2M Studio 1.1.0 installed, you don’t need to run the Open AT Software Suite install program at all in order to unpack it.
M2M Studio is able to install packages from the exe file itself: just add it as an archive repository.

that also fails on adding the firmware…

Please do you remember how did you install your 1.1.0 release? Did you overwrite a 1.0.2 one?
In this case this could explain the issue.
To make sure, please can you get the plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.p2.ui_1.0.4.R34x_v20090123.jar file size in your M2M Studio installation?

don’t really remember, but i think on this computer i went straight from 1.0.1 to 1.1

366 KB (375.575 bytes)

Ok this explains the issue. To correctly handle installation of Open AT Software Suite 2.31 firmware, the requirements are:

  • M2M Studio 1.1.0 (older versions cannot handle it)…
  • … installed in a clean directory

When, like in your case, you run a 1.1.0 version updated from a former release, you need to update the org.eclipse.equinox.p2.ui plug-in as a workaround.
Please refer to this post to get the procedure: