LX60 Only responds to incoming requests if recent activity on LAN side


I have tried two different ALEOS firmwares (4.10 and 4.12) on three different newly purchased units, and I have a strange problem that persists.

I have a static IP on Verizon. I boot the modem up and it responds to ping on the WAN side, and allows two-way traffic just fine. If I leave my laptop plugged into the ethernet port of the gateway (modem), I have two way access for hours during testing.

If I remove the laptop from the ethernet port and leave the modem idle for about ten minutes, I lose inbound WAN traffic into the modem, can’t ping or log into ALEOS via https!

If I plug in an ethernet device that makes an outbound request (browse web, send ftp, etc) the inbound traffic “unlocks” for about 5 to 10 minutes then “locks” again of there is no outbound ethernet traffic.

I cannot find an older Verizon radio firmware, but I don’t think that’s an issue. I have a dozen of these 4G’s on Verizon static IP’s and none exhibit this issue.

I have been through top-tier Verizon support and they verify the account and SIM are fine.

I bought another LX60 and left it factory default… exact same issue!

Currently I set the configuration to ‘ping’ ALMS every minute to improve inbound access, but that is a band-aid solution that is wasting bandwith.

I am working with my vendor, but this issue is taking a long time to solve and my customer isn’t happy…

If anyone has any ideas for me, I would try them out.

Thank You,