LX40 Radio Firmware - GENERIC comes up as SIERRA

I have recently switched my LX 40 7601 from a Verizon to MINT (T-Mobile) SIM card. I also flashed the ALEOS to the latest firmware. I then loaded the GENERIC radio firmware but it comes up listed as SIERRA on the device. The device will not let me switch it manually in the ACE manager. Need some help. Device is working fine, just not getting much of a download speed with a green signal strength.

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Are you using the LX40 with the WP7601 radio module?
Please share a screenshot of the radio module firmware information on the LX40 with me.


Hey Jerdung,

I think I know what happened. Let me try the fix and get back to you.


Hey! I have a similar issue: I cannot switch to GENERIC radio firmware on LX40 (WP7607)
Anyone know howw to fix it? do I have to go to recovery and flash all again?


Go the admin page and click on radio firmware. Below that is a button for auto update. Turn that off. Then it works NP.

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Many thanks!
For those coming here like me with search results, the auto update option to disable is called “Network Operator Switching” and is located on Admin > Radio Module Firmware > Options.
Disabling it enable firmwares to be activated and removed at will, hence, switching to GENERIC and removing SIERRA becomes possible.

One other point. When I download the GENERIC firmware it has often shown up as SIERRA on the list. Pay NO attention to that - it still works as advertised. Also, I have experimented with many different wireless ISP operators both in the US and in Canada, with various results on the same modem/antennae. Right now I have switched to MINT (T Mobile reseller) and have gotten some incredible download speeds recently after updating from VERIZON.

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Not to hijack this thread but I have a quick question in regards to the exact same modem and Verizon vs. T-Mobile radio firmware. I just switched my Verizon SIM to a T-Mobile SIM and the LX40 connected no problem.

However, when I go into Admin > Radio Module Firmware, it still shows the Network Operator = VERIZON and the Verizon firmware package.

Is that ok or should I be installing the LX Radio Module Firmware for North American Generic Operators? I have the same radio module as the OP, 7601.

Try loading the generic one and measure the connectivity (reception and SNR) plus data rate using both. I found that if you use generic the data rates and connection was much better with T Mobile.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try and report back.

I switched the firmware and found that the speeds are pretty much the same but the SINR went from 2.2 to 8.7 which I believe is a good thing, right? All the other stats are essentially the same.

Yes! That is a big difference.

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