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I am trying to switch our GX450(Generic) from US Cellular to T-Mobile. I have tried all radio firmware version expect verizon. It appears to at least get an IP when the radio firmware is loaded with sprint, but the APN is wrong and it only shows a 2G connection. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong and how to fix my issue?

Hi @cadkins,
Let me summarize your problem. Your gateway cannot get LTE service when using Sprint FW for T-Mobile operator, right? Please double check below:

Have you tried GX450 Radio Module Firmware for Generic Operators North America FW?
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Thanks for the replay @Vianney via Sierra Wireless Forum

When using the Sprint Firmware, if I enter the “fast.t-mobile.com” APN it will not change from the one it show assigned of “otasn”. I assume, I have received the correct SIM from T-Mobile, I am guess that all are LTE by now? Yes, I have also tried the Generic Firmware as well.

Hi @cadkins,
We highly recommend customers using Generic firmware for the operator which is not specified like ATT, Verizon, Sprint… so I think Generic FW is appropriate to your case . I am using Generic Operators Europe - for my GX450 and it is connected to oversea operator successfully. I cannot try Generic Operators North America because the FW is not capatible with my hardware but Generic Operators North America should work well. The procedure for set up should like below:

  • Input the appropriate APN->press apply->reboot gateway. The gateway must be rebooted after the configuration has been changed. The gateway will show old value if the action is not completed. After that your gateway would connect to operator successfully, APN is updated, 4G service is loaded

Please share if you have any concerns you have and the output then we can start to troubleshoot

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@Vianney does the GX450 do LTE Band 12?

Hi @cadkins,
It looks like GX450 doesn’t support LTE band 12 . You can refer GX450 datasheet as link
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