Does the GX450 Support T-Mobile w/updated Radio Firmware?

Hello, I have a GX450 Modem I recently purchased that supports Sprint.

Type	MC7354
Network Operator	SPRINT
Firmware Version	SWI9X15C_05.05.63.01 r28860 CARMD-EV-FRMWR1 2015/07/02 11:04:50
SKU PRI ID and Version	9904566, 05.02
Carrier PRI ID and Version	9902350, SPRINT_005.037_000

I went to a T-Mobile store to purchase a SIM card and add this modem to my Sprint/T-Mobile account.

The guy at the store said T-Mobile won’t activate the device because its a CDMA device and doesnt support GSM

However, in the GX450 Hardware User Guide, it does show that the GX450 supports GSM/EDGE bands with the MC7354 radio

Can someone help me out here? Anyone have a GX450 currently connected to T-Mobile/LTE using an MC7354 radio?

My plan was to update the radio firmware to “Generic NA” , but, now im getting a storage full error, but, i guess thats a separate topic/question

Thanks in advance

Hi @yamasaki760 ,
Welcome you to our community!
You can use T-Mobile SIM for AirLink GX450, please upgrade to latest firmware and radio module firmware for Sprint following the link below:


I am working with T-Mobile to see if our current GX450 / Sprint will work. FYI, I have downloaded the 4.9.7 Firmware and have the Radio for Sprint. There was not a new radio download for T-Mobile. I hope that that I can use the GSM network with this device.