Lx40 Ethernet port failure

I have an lx40 with Ethernet set to Auto. There are no link light or activity lights that flash on the connector itself when cabled to a Linux, Win client or an Ethernet switch. Can only access AceManager thru USBNET. In the ACEManager screens couldn’t see anything that would refer to enabling the hardware port except for the Ethernet Port Configuration Port 1 state = enable. Have switched USB over to serial and have access to AT commands. Have verified the ethernet cable is good. The Network LED is flashing red with the switchover to USB serial.

AT Commands

*INTSTATE_RAW?3 returns 200 (ethernet disconnected)

Looking for any input on how to get the Ethernet port up and running on this unit. Thanks

Hi @triddle ,
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Could you please share with me some information as below:

  1. Has this issue happened before? or before your LX40 was working fine until you take some action then cause this issue.
  2. What firmware version is your device running?
  3. How many LX40 Airlinks do you have? Can you try on another LX40 Airlink to see if get the same issue?


Hi thanks for responding, any input would be welcomed.

  1. The Ethernet port has never been operational. Only have been able to communicate with the device over USBNET or USB serial.
  2. I will check the firmware version as soon as I get to the office.
  3. This is the only unit I have.

I have also done a factory reset on the unit (holding button for 10 secs) the behavior continued. Maybe reflashing firmware will get it going?

ok have flashed 4.16 on it and the Ethernet port is alive now.