LX40 disconnection

I’m using a LX40 ( ALEOS, WP7607_02.37.03.00_SIERRA_001.060_003) with OpenVPN in client mode connected on a VPS. The device is connected by wifi on our local lan and it’s seems that quicks deconnections appear, every hours because there is a cellular deconnection. Here the first 3 lines of the log on the router side:

Apr 12 17:15:10 notice ALEOS_CELL_RadioTask: cbkPacketSrvStatus - v4SessionID: 2267980464 v6SessionID: 0 state: 1 (DISCONNECTED) reconfig not required
Apr 12 17:15:10 notice ALEOS_CELL_RadioTask: cbkPacketSrvStatus - ipfamily: 4, call end reason: 1, verbose call end type: 3, verbose call end code: 1067
Apr 12 17:15:10 notice ALEOS_CELL_RadioTask: Radio_state --> RADIO_STATE_DISCONNECTED
Apr 12 17:15:10 notice ALEOS_LINKMGMT_linkstatd: wwan0 is now down

Is anybody can help me?

If i disable the sierra eSIM the disconnections disappear

Hi @Jul,

Based on your description, your device is working properly after disabling the Sierra eSIM, is that correct?
If you have any further concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.


Hi @jerdung ,
Yes but i want to use it as backup connection if the wifi connection fail.
I have also try with a generic SIM(with the latest generic radio module firmware) in place of the R2C eSIM and the all hours disconnections disappear.
By other way i’m now in contact with Sierra technical team.
But don’t hesitate if you have any idea!
Thanks a lot!

If it can help others i have found a solution:
The technical team have say to my that there is an inactivity timeout of 60 minutes if no data traffic is detected on my eSIM APN.
I have found in Aleos software manual that we can enable a ping test in WAN/Cellular/Cellular/Monitor. This option can maintain a minimum activity on the cellular network side and since i have enable it i did not observe any disconnection.