LS300 forwarded port closed


I am currently facing an issue with port forwarding.

I have a device connected to the airlink LS300 modem in ethernet (with as assign IP address)
This device expose a web admin interface on port 443.

I want to perform a port forwarding in order to expose this web interface through the LS300.

There is the architecture :

  • The LS300 is registered on a VPN with as IP address
  • I am connected to the VPN also
  • I can access to the ACEManager remotely, via the VPN network, on :
  • The other device is connected to the LS300 with the local IP address

Until there, everything’s ok. I can ping the device from the modem.

I added a port forwarding rule to the LS300 via the ACEManager : I forward the port 443 from the IP address toward the port 9192 of the LS300.

There is the problem, the port 9192 of the modem is still closed, and therefore, I cannot reach my device web interface.

Is anyone faced a similar issue ? Any idea ?

Thank’s in advance !

Hi remi.pellerej,

Could you screenshot your configuration of “Port Forwarding”, “Port Filtering-Inbound” and “Port Filtering-Outbound” on ACEManager?

And which ALEOS software version are you using?


Hi, thank you for your support. There is the asked screenshots

Capture d’écran du 2021-03-17 10-37-32

Hi remi.pellerej,

In your setting, you are using port 9193. Could you try to access your web at ?

Furthermore, your ALEOS software is not the latest one. Please download the latest version 4.4.9 at the link below:



I tried both 9192 and 9193, both does not work.

Concerning the update, which one should I chose ? The one for AT&T, Bell, etc… ? What is the difference ? FYI, I have a multi-operator SIM card inside the modem.


Hi remi.pellerej,

Let try with the World firmware.

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