LS300 forwarded port closed


I am currently facing an issue with port forwarding.

I have a device connected to the airlink LS300 modem in ethernet (with as assign IP address)
This device expose a web admin interface on port 443.

I want to perform a port forwarding in order to expose this web interface through the LS300.

There is the architecture :

  • The LS300 is registered on a VPN with as IP address
  • I am connected to the VPN also
  • I can access to the ACEManager remotely, via the VPN network, on :
  • The other device is connected to the LS300 with the local IP address

Until there, everything’s ok. I can ping the device from the modem.

I added a port forwarding rule to the LS300 via the ACEManager : I forward the port 443 from the IP address toward the port 9192 of the LS300.

There is the problem, the port 9192 of the modem is still closed, and therefore, I cannot reach my device web interface.

Is anyone faced a similar issue ? Any idea ?

Thank’s in advance !

Hi remi.pellerej,

Could you screenshot your configuration of “Port Forwarding”, “Port Filtering-Inbound” and “Port Filtering-Outbound” on ACEManager?

And which ALEOS software version are you using?


Hi, thank you for your support. There is the asked screenshots

Capture d’écran du 2021-03-17 10-37-32

Hi remi.pellerej,

In your setting, you are using port 9193. Could you try to access your web at ?

Furthermore, your ALEOS software is not the latest one. Please download the latest version 4.4.9 at the link below:



I tried both 9192 and 9193, both does not work.

Concerning the update, which one should I chose ? The one for AT&T, Bell, etc… ? What is the difference ? FYI, I have a multi-operator SIM card inside the modem.


Hi remi.pellerej,

Let try with the World firmware.

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Hi !

I finally get the last firmware. I updated my device, but this dis not fix the issue.

Do you have any other idea ?

Thanks in advance, best regards

Hi remi.pellerej,

The traffic between your gateway and connected device maybe not through VPN tunnel.

To make sure the traffic can go through, on tab VPN-> Split Tunnel, set the following field from Blocked to Allowed:

  • Incoming Out of Band,
  • Outgoing Management Out of Band
  • Outgoing Host Out of Band

Finally, reboot your gateway.


Hi jerdung

I already set these parameters to “Allowed”, unfortunately