L300 Port Forwarding

We recently purchased a Sierra Wireless LS300 I’m looking for some advice on the following;


We have a controller on one of our compressors which outputs a web page to show a variety of data. Usual connection method is to give both the controller and a laptop the same gateway and an ip address on the first 3 octets with the 4th be different for the ip. Conenction is by patch cable between the controllers Ethernet port and laptop Ethernet port.

We are looking to use the LS300 as a remote gateway, and access the controller via laptop > cell carrier with fixed ip > gateway > controller, having the controller be accessed via the fixed ip address.


I have connected the LS300 to the controller using a standard patch cable and have changed the following options via “AceManager” to reflect a WAN to LAN connection

• Fixed IP given to the compressor controller (e.g.
• Default Gateway set on controller to match the Ethernet port of the LS300 (
• DHCP disabled on the controller
• On Ace Manager, Ethernet port set as IP:
• Starting range of addresses
• DMZ disabled
• DHCP disabled
• Port forwarding for the address of > port 8080 set to forward

When I try to remotely access the LS300 AceManager page using the WAN ip + port 9191, I get a successful connection and can change settings etc, however when I try to access the WAN ip + port 8080, I get no connection. (I’m expecting to see my controllers webpage in this instance)

Any advice / someone to point me in the right direction is appreciated.


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I managed to see my own error - chaning the DHCP mode from auto to server fixed the issue. Now working as expected. :smiley: