Local DHCP after power-on

A little confused about DHCP, sorry.

I have our Raven XEs set up with *HOSTPRIVMODE set to 0, and our device receives the address just fine - except when cycling power. Our device completes its boot before the Raven XE has acquired lock on the carrier, so our device receives a local IP address (the first specified by *HOSTPRIVIP in fact). That’s OK too, at least our device’s IP stack is initialized.

The thing is that when the Raven XE does acquire the address from the carrier, (which can take anywhere from a minute to several minutes, depending on signal strength, coverage, etc.), it does not appear to re-issue the address to our device. Our device will not pick up the address until the Raven XE’s four hour DHCP lease time expires.

We must manually request our device to ask the Raven XE for a DHCP renew in order to re-gaining a working system after a power cycle. This seems like something that would affect everyone - so my guess is I have a setting wrong. Anyone have a clue?

Thanks Alot!


I guess when you set the modem in public mode and if the network issues a new IP address,
the connection will be closed and you have to reintiate the connection.