GX450 running 4.8.0

I’m fairly new at using these devices, and I can’t seem to get the single computer behind the GX450 to connect to the Internet.

I have a different GX450 running on 4.4.0b and under LAN > DHCP/Addressing" it has a spot to select Host Connection mode, public mode subnet mask, lease timer, domain, and MTU. Then under that it lists the LAN Address summary for Ethernet, Device IP, Subnet Mask, Access Internet, DHCP Server Mode, Starting IP (IP of the GX450), and Ending IP (IP of the GX450).

How do I configure the problematic GX450 running 4.8.0 to provide a LAN address summary similar to the one that’s working fine?

Is there a spot in the 4.8.0 software to allow access to Internet?

Thanks for any help you can provide :slight_smile:

Hi Conagher,

What color are the LEDs on the device? When you are in the AceManager, are you seeing that the device gets a Cellular IP address in the Status > Ceullar tab? Are you getting a good signal strength? Is your computer set to automatically obtain an IP address in the Network settings?