WiFi not working when a PPP link is used on GX450


I am having problems trying to use the WiFi on a GX450 while a controller is connected via PPP on the serial port of the gateway.

After modem is rebooted, the WiFi works fine. But as soon as the a PPP connection is launched, many problems occur on the WiFi; the DHCP server is very slow to answer when connecting (sometimes, it just doesn’t answer with a windows error message “The connection was unsuccessful”), the internet and the web interface(ACEmanager) can no longer be accessed. The gateway can be ping (, but this is about the only thing that works. On the PPP connection, everything looks fine, the Internet and the ACEmanager work as usual.

I have tested the same setup on a GX440 and I don’t have those kind of problems.

I am using the latest Aleos version available at the moment (ALEOS_Software_4.7.0.027)

Anyone has any tips on that issue ?


After further test, it seems that the internet connection and the ACEmanager access on the PPP connection worked well for the earlier firmware version(, but with the latest version (, those don’t work as well.