Device on reserved IP address doesn't respond

I have a new MP70 that I’m setting up, I have one LAN connection that I’ve entered the MAC address of and assigned it an IP address below the distribution ranged, but when I connect to the router via WiFi with my computer, I don’t get any response from that app address. When I move the same device to my home network, that same device responds as expected.

Is there a setting I need to flip to bridge wifi to LAN so those on the private network side can see each other?
Also, I’m also seeing poor ability to join the MP70’s Wifi from my MacBookPro when the Signal LED is flashing amber, meaning only 1 bar (where I’m testing is generally not great coverage but ‘tolerable’). If there is no cell connection can I not still join wifi and manage the devices on the private network?

Oh, it looks like the LAN defaults to 192.168.13.xx and wifi to 192.168.17.xx, so I updated the mask appropriately. Sorry for the noise.