MP70 subnets/routing

Hi All, not sure if there any articles I have missed in my search, so I thought I would post an article.
We use the MP70 Global wireless routers to setup in vehicles. Each MP70 is setup with it’s own subnet on the range and a VPN tunnel is create so that it connects to our WAN.
This is working perfectly for us and we have not had many issues. only when there is coverage issues at site, it begins to be an issue.
We are looking at adding an additional feature to our range and we have found that the vendor of the product will not allow to change the device settings until we have had further training.
We can not have further training until we can access the device directly and so we are in a catch 22 situation.
Is there anyway we can setup the MP70 to allow us to connect to this device if it has a default IP of
From our office, would there be a way for us to route the traffic from our IT computers to this device if it were behind the MP70?

Let’s say that the MP70 has an IP of, could we have the device as a second subnet on the MP70. If this is possible , how would we access the web page for the device on

At the moment we are able to access the PC and tablet behind the MP70, but they are assigned an IP via DHCP from the MP70. I am struggling to find a way to access the device. I have tried using the route command in the command prompt to point to the MP70 as the gateway and it is not working.

Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Hi marco.daanunciacao,

In order to make it easy to figure out, could you please draw a simple network topology for this case?


Hi Jerdung, Sorry for taking so long to reply. Been away from the office.
Back in the office today and I have put together a quick drawing.
Keep in mind that these routers are in trucks. Currently the network device have a stock configuration and can not be edited.

Hi marco.daanunciacao,

You cannot configure a second subnet on MP70.

If you want to configure multiple subnets; in this case, you need a switch between MP70 and the Network device, VLAN should be configured on the switch.

Or you can try to configure other devices to have the same subnet with the Network device. This should lead you to reconfigure the VPN server.