AirLink MP70 - To VPN Setup

Good evening (at least where i am),

I am after some help, in very plain english to set up a VPN with my AirLink MP70.

The setup, i work on a yacht that travels around and as we switch countries the internet running off the sim card in the AirLink MP70 recognizes the country change and as such most of our smart TVs stop working, content is unavailable and generally all the guests complain!

I am a little computer literate but reading the AirLink MP70 manual for the ACEManager left me more confused than when i started.

I want to sign up for a VPN, redirect my AirLink MP70 to go via said VPN.

I had this set up on other routers/computers with nice WYSIWYG interfaces where i just had to put the IP address and username / password and hey presto!

Any one able to assist?