MP70, GPS, and CAD

I apologize if this was answered elsewhere in the forum but I’ve been pouring over posts for hours and getting nowhere. First off, I’m a network guy who got handed a task by a 911 director and this isn’t my forte. Our previous GPS system would radio it’s data to a radio at dispatch which turned it into serial data that we could read. Now there are MP70s in the vehicles pointed at an IP and a port at dispatch, and I have no idea how to catch that data and convert it to serial to feed into the ALS/SDR system. Is there another piece of equipment that is supposed to sit on that dispatch IP and port to handshake with the MP70s? I setup a packet capture on the firewall doing the port forwarding and seeing absolutely nothing on it. The dispatch director has already tried calling the “support number” of the folks that sold him the MP70s and they’ve been less than helpful.

If anyone could even point me in the right direction I would be eternally grateful.


Hi sgleisner,

I don’t know how it works at your dispatch. But I tried to config MP70 to send GPS data to a specific IP and it worked.

Because I don’t have public IP, so in this case, I put MP70 and my PC in the same subnet and make sure traffic passes through WAN link. Here is my setup:

  1. My PC(Windows) has IP I use Hercules tool to open UDP port 22335

  2. My MP70 has WAN IP and it is configured to send GPS reports to my PC with opened port 22335.

  3. Reboot MP70

And here is my result:


For some reason I was never notified of your reply, but thank you this is great. Can you tell me if you put the address of your Windows box with Hercules under one of the Server#, or Local/Streaming?

Hi sgleisner,

I put the IP in Server 1 tab.