MP70 DHCP Relay on BGP APN

We have a few Airlink MP70’s on an APN with FirstNet. The APN is setup with BPG and routes all traffic back to our main office. We can reach these devices using the IP that the APN assigns it, but we are unable to get the DHCP relay to work to allow us to reach any devices connected to the MP70. (Laptop in the rig)

Remote devices can get an IP if we set DHCP in server mode and can reach the company servers, but we are unable to reach the remote devices. We were told that the APN will allow us to assign remote devices IP addresses from out main firewall and that BGP would then know where (what MP70) that device was connected. However each time we try to enable DHCP relay, devices fail to get any IP.

Does anyone know how we can set this up? We don’t want to create individual VPNs for each MP70 as we have the secure APN and all traffic is routed to us.

Hi @donald1,

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Based on your description, I understand that you want remote access to devices connected to the MP70. Is that correct?
If so, please refer to the Port Forwarding section on page 226 of the AirLink MP Series Software Configuration Guide at the following link: