Remote access with MP series

Hi, I have a Sierra mp70. I want to remotely access the device. I connected a SIM card, got an IP address. In “Services” turned on the AceManager, indicated remote access to both HTTP and HTTPS, local access toboth HTTP and HTTPS. HTTP and HTTPS ports default(9191). But i still can’t connect to the received ip-address from sim card! Where is the mistake? How to properly configure remote access? Help me to solve the problem please!
P.S: Sorry for my bad english x(( I hope you understand me!

Hi @baichulakovv.777 ,

  • Where do you try to remotely access from?
  • What is the cellular operator (ATT, Verizon, etc…?)
  • The IP assigned to MP is private or public IP? Can you ping that IP from a PC?

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  1. Just through the browser from another pc.
  2. Kcell, if of course you know about such a connection. Kazakhstan
  3. I checked the ping of the IP address that I received from the SIM card. But it doesn’t ping. So what should i do?
    thanks for the answer!!!

Hi @baichulakovv.777

I am still waiting for the answer to this item.
If the device got a public IP you can access remotely to it. If it got a private IP you cannot reach it

Unfortunately, private ip. How i can change to public ip?

Hi @baichulakovv.777 ,
Please contact you carrier (Kcell) for more help. The public IP is assigned by them. Please share if you have any concerns. Help us tick “Solution” if it is useful. It might be beneficial to someone getting same question.

Ok. Thanks bro! Have nice day)