LS 300 Sierra

Hello everybody
I am not IT specialist and I don’t understand how configuration LS 300 Sierra and I will online monitor Instantel minimate pro.
Have you video and pdf tutorials
I have Sim Card with static IP. it is and APN is globalstat

Please, Help Me

Hi bochorishvili,

The Minimate Pro device is strange to me but I can find a tutorial video on Instantel channel. Hope this could help you.


thank you jerdung

I want help that before connecting to Instant I was able to manage the modem online

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Nika Bochorishvili

Hi bochorishvili,

Do you mean that you want to access ACEManager via the public IP just like what is showed in the video at 2:45?


thank you

I want create ACEManager via the public IP and Connect without internet and USB cables

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Nika Bochorishvili

Hi bochorishvili,

  1. First you need to connect a laptop to the device with an Ethernet cable, then launch your web browser and go to

  2. Login with your configured user name & password. If you haven’t configured user name & password before, please try with the default one: User name = user; Password = 12345

  3. On ACEmanager, go to tab Service-> ACEmanager and config the field below:
    Remote Access : Both HTTP and HTTPS. (You can set HTTPS Only, it depends on you)
    HTTP port: 9191
    HTTPs port: 9443

  4. Reboot the device and wait for network attachment

  5. Now you can access the gateway remotely by web browser:


very very thank you
it is good training

best regards
Nika Bochorishvili

Dear Jerdung

what is destination address?
is it my pc ip? or my office router ip address?

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Nika Bochorishvili

Hi bochorishvili,

This setting is not related to remote access. Have you succeeded on remote access?


hello Jerdung

yes. I succeeded on modem, see

but have new problems
I connected instantel to modem but Thor software didn’t connected

my public ip on my pc is, where installed Thor Software. is it my destination address

I did the configuration in modem>Serial

I don’t understand why

King regards
Nika Bochorishvili

Hi bochorishvili,

The destination address is related to Instantel’s cloud host data service. This address could be changed after a long time. You should contact Instantel for this.

I think we don’t need public IP for laptop, one for the modem is enough.

By the way, please change your password. You shouldn’t provide that sensitive info on a public forum.


Dear jerdung

Thank you for helping me so much

Please, When you arrive in Georgia, Write me on mall:

King regards

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