Lenovo p71 with em7455 - hotspot utilization

We have recently gone full time in our RV & I’m depending on Lenovo P71 & Lenovo Sierra Wireless EM7455 for my small business. I have Verizon’s unlimited data plan for this set up & it includes 15gb of Hotspot usage each month. I’ve been running this setup for a few years & only used it when traveling. I am trying to understand Hotspot usage as calculated by Verizon (by the way… have already talked to them NO HELP).
On the surface it appears if I use the P71, all usage on the cellular connection is calculated as Hotspot usage. I based this supposition on a review of data usage provided by my Verizon billing. I do not have the Hotspot feature turned on, I’ve done the normal things like metered connection, limiting the apps accessing the internet, etc, etc. I limit usage on this device to email, web searches, uploading/downloading files (normally less than 1mb). Any media streaming is done over the RV park’s WIFI.
I was under the impression Hotspot meant a device, other than the base device, was utilizing bandwidth you have elected to share.
Is there some technical or user’s manual which explains how Hotspot functions?
Thank you.

We have a guideline to activate or deactivate a specific data connection between the host and network ( I think you are successful on this), not Hotpot function document. You can refer to some Hotpot applications for the introduction
Please share any concerns you have and help us tick Solution if your question is answerd

And just where would one go to find some information as you suggested?