EM7455 Verizon Connection Slow

I just purchased a Lenovo P50 Thinkpad with a built in Sierra Wireless EM7455 Snapdragon and had Verizon put in a micro SIM card. When I connect to Verizon via the EM7455 the connection speed is very slow. If I activate a mobile hotspot on my phone using Verizon and link to laptop my connection is very fast. Running on speedtest.net I get 59 ms Ping, .76 Mbps Download, and 1.53 Mbps Upload on the EM7455. Using a hotspot from my phone (same Verizon netword) I get 58 ms Ping, 7.46 Mbps Download, and 11.47 Mbps Upload.

The EM7455 connection is so slow that I can not run a remote desktop which I can over the hotspot. Has anyone else encountered these issues? I have visited with Verizon, Lenovo, and the company hosting the remote desktop to no avail. I also downloaded the latest firmware and windows drivers from Sierra Wireless.

Thought I’d reach out to Sierra Wireless for customer service.

Thank You,
Tony Glover

Try to check which LTE band each device is using. It’s possible your phone doesn’t support them all, and the EM7455 is choosing a newer (but less capable) LTE band than your phone.

Had not thought of that. I used the vpn and remote desktop with my old X220 on a GOBI 3G modem. How can I force the EM7455 to use 3G over 4G? At least until the network in Casper, WY is improved.

Thanks for your help.

AT Commands are documented on the Sierra Source site.

Thanks, I tried to look at the AT commands, between your first and second message, but the document is not available. I found a source for an earlier modem, with directions but the but the 2 other devices that should be in device manager are not there with the Lenovo factory install. I will try to get ahold of Sierra Wireless tech support.

Thanks for your help,