RV50 Data Usage question

I have a a system with 5 RV50s. Each one is connected to a modbus PLC. THe master PLC polls each other PLC once a minute asking for 16bits of data. On my verizon bill it shows that 4 of the sim cards are at about 50mb per month but one is at 80mb. They are all configured the same and all are sending the same amount of data. the only difference I can think of is that the 80mb one is newer and probablt has a newer firmware but all the configuration is the same.

How can they be using different amounts of data?

Are they being pinged from the internet and that is causing extra data?

Is there anyway to “lock it down” so that only the master can communicate to it?

Any insight on this would be great!

Hi @Matt1,

Could you please share with me some information as below:

  1. Please tell me what is the firmware you are using on 4 RV50 use 50mb per month and on RV50 use 80mb per month?

  2. Did you try using the same firmware that is installed on 4 RV50 use 50mb per month for RV50 use 80mb per month? Do the issue still happen in this case?


Unfortunately I cannot seem to access the RV50s remotely to see the firmware. It does seem odd that a newer firmware would cause more data usage to me. Can the firmware be reverted to an older one if need be?

Hi @Matt1
If you cannot access your RV50, then you cannot revert the firmware. So first you have to try to access your RV50.

Ok, next time I’m on site I will try and revert it. Do you have a manual or guide for me to follow on how to do this?

Hi @Matt1 ,
Please refer to page 25 → 31 in the AirLink RV50/RV50X Software Configuration Guide at this link: https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airlink/software_reference_docs/airlink-rv-series---configuration-guide/#sthash.wdRCbMS6.dpbs to update ALEOS Software.