RV50x high data usage after SIM change

I had to take over the gateways that are used for road signs. They changed the SIM cards from 3G to Verizon LTE, and since then, each one receives a substantial amount of data. Not much data is being sent out. The host on the gateway does not show any traffic other than 6 packets just after reboot, so maybe the gateway itself is generating the traffic? There is only 1 host and it’s connected to the serial interface. I have it secure now as it wasn’t that secure when it got dumped in my lap. All the remote management and ALMS features are turned off. The first thing I did was upgrade from 4.9.4 to 4.9.13. I know that the gateway drops unsolicited traffic by default, so why is the gateway receiving so much data per day. I think the average now for the month for the gateway is 80GB, but we do not have unlimited. Verizon isn’t much help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @todd_bumbarger,

  • Does the increase in receiving data happen before upgrading when the gw is in 4.9.4?
  • Did the traffic display in log file?
  • Do you know the exact bytes the gw receive per day
  • The device may also be communicating to the network for the other things like NTP…
  • Did you try any reboot the gw. Is it helpful?

Yeah the increase was there before upgrading to 4.9.13. As for the log file, I don’t see anything in it regarding traffic. I plan on doing IP logging today to at least see traffic coming in on the WAN interface. I have factory reset with core settings kept and the traffic has slowed substantially it seems, but I have yet to check this today. Either way it’s receiving I would say 1-2 KB per minute after factory reset as opposed to out of control data use. Whenever it seems stable and not using much data after factory reset, I try to start securing it again, and it just starts going out of control with data usage again. We only have 10 MB plans, so even 1-2 KB per minute equates to over 1.5 to 3 MB per day roughly.

Once I determine the traffic source, I will update post and hopefully have resolved the issue. Thanks

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