Understanding Data Usage

I have an ES450 configured with ATT that I sent to Bermuda to upgrade an ATT 3g device our lab has operated there for several years. Currently the device is only powered up, and we are not transferring data from it yet. Based on data usage so far I’m projecting the “background” data usage will be about 1.4 GB per month. I’ve been in communication with ATT much of today. They have opened a ticket, but ultimately it’s being suggested this volume of data is normal.

For comparison I asked for March data usage of the 3g device being replaced. It came in at about 500 MB. We collect about 4 MB of data per month, so whatever that is with overhead. Certainly nothing close to 500 MB. Does 4g LTE use that much more data for the background usage than 3g?

I have to say I’m surprised. Prior to today I would have guessed that what I’m calling “background” data would have been baked into the regular monthly charge. I’m left wondering if there is a decimal position mistake? Maybe there is borderline fraudulent tactics by the Bermuda cellular provider to pile on excess background data? ATT’s largest international plan they have offered me is 800 MB a month. This would only cover about 2.5 weeks of background data. Do cell phones have this same issue?

I’m looking through the log file for hints of data usage. How much data does SNTP account for? I turned on data usage logging today. I’ll keep SNTP active for a day or two then turn it off and look for changes.

I have multiple identically configured scientific research stations. All use the LX40 modem. About half are configured with ATT, and the rest with Verizon. The modems are identically configured with one exception. ATT requires adding an APN. Data collection schedules are identical. I received data usage numbers for one of my Verizon stations this morning. ATT sent me the same yesterday.

Verizon: ~40 MB per month
ATT: ~225 MB per month

At two of my stations (again, identical in every way) with ATT activated devices I turned NTP off at one, and on with the other.

Bismarck, ATT, NTP off, 5 MB previous day’s usage
Hanford, ATT, NTP on, 52 MB previous day’s usage
----- And for Grins -----
Albuquerque, Verizon, NTP on, 0 MB previous day’s usage

I thought I had turned off NTP at Bermuda, but just checked and I had not. It is now off. We’ll see what happens, but vacation starts tomorrow so it might be a while before I report back.

Hi Gary.Hodges,

Could you provide your device’s ALEOS version? I just want to make sure your devices are running the latest ALEOS firmware version.

The latest version for ES450 is ALEOS and LX40 is ALEOS


Thank you for the reply. I can confirm both devices are running the latest firmware.