Data Cap doesn't seem to be working


We don’t have much of a data plan (1200KB/month) as we use the Airlink for SMS only. Attached is a screenshot of our usage. It isn’t much, but the Usage Monitoring function doesn’t seem to be doing it’s job. Data usage is still increasing every day even though we’ve hit our daily and monthly caps. Any advice would be appreciated.

The data usage page doesn’t do anything but show and set the limit, it doesn’t perform any actions when the limit is reached. Have you set up an action under the Events Reporting tab which uses the settings on the Data Usage page?

I actually would just like to turn off the data usage completely. I’ve used 360 kb in the last 8 days and only need the unit for texts. Is there a way to do this? Just got a $180 bill for 1.8G of data last month before we plugged a larger data leak.

You could use MAC Filtering (under the security tab) to prevent access to the data plan from the LAN side. just make sure you include the PC you are managing the modem with (if doing it from the local LAN)