AirLink LX40 problems new user

Hi, we have purchased our first AirLink LX40.

I think the installer (external company) powered up the router before the installer installed the local sim card in the router. We had already registered the router in the cloud (AirVantage Platform).

Should we perform a complete factory reset (and leave the sim in the device??) or what do you suggest.

I contacted support yesterday but no response yet.

Looking at the system carrier I can only view the e-sim carrier that comes with the router.

I cannot upgrade the firmware or carry out any other operations except rebooting the device.

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We do not wish to pay per month???

Month to date data usage 2.07 MB Pay per use

Product Reference offer AirLink Complete

Thank you in advance for your help

Hi @TheNewbie,

Welcome to our community!

Could you please provide the URL link to your system?


Hi, the issue was just resolved. The SIM card was not in the slot 100%…

How does the datapoints work?

What is the pay per use data section? I thought it was included in the Airlink complete.

We have used Cradlepoint previously - that’s why we have some start up questions :grinning:

Month to date data usage xxxx Pay per use

Offer AirLink Complete

Hi @TheNewbie,

Please kindly refer to the Datapoint information at the following link: Application Metrics - avc - Sierra Wireless