Iperf and MC7430

I’m trying to do the throughput measurements using iperf. Is this possible without QMI?

Hi @hammad.zafar.hz

You can perform throughput measurements using iperf with simulator network (example AmariSoft)
Please follow steps below to measure throughput using iperf with AmariSoft.

  1. Connect module to PC with USB
  2. Install iPerf : https://iperf.fr/iperf-download.php on PC and on AmariSoft computer:
  3. Connect module to internet.
  4. Test throughput performance .
    *TCP Downlink test
    From amarisoft PC iperf3 –c –t 120 –p 5003
    From UE PC iperf3 –s –p 5003
    *TCP uplink test
    From UE PC iperf3 –c <MME IP address (UE IP with .1)> –t 120 –p 5004
    From amarisoft PC iperf3 –s –p 5004
  5. Check throughput measurements.
  6. Disconnect the internet

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