WP7611 - Yellow Brd Max throughput with Callbox

WP7611+Yellow EVB is connected to CMW500 callbox using RF cables. MIMO 2x2 config… The Yellow EVB is connected to Windows PC via USB cable

  1. We had to use a dialup connection (dial *99#) to get iperf link working between the Callbox and Windows. Is this the right procedure to enable application layer connection between the Callbox and the windows PC ?
  2. What is the max expected iperf TCP/UDP UL/DL throughput in this configuration ?
    Any specific settings I need to be aware of to get max throughput ?



You need to enter AT!SCACT=1,1 command to create a data connection on WP7611.

Steps to build data call (example on Linux platform)

a. On Linux, open a Minicom session :
sudo minicom -s with /dev/ttyusb2

b. Create a data connection by Minicom:

c. Acquire IP for the module on Linux terminal
sudo dhclient -v eth1

Configure and Start Iperf3 UPD/TCP session

Target iperf TCP/UDP UL/DL throughput could achieve at least 90% of the 3GPP requirement for all bands.