WP76XX in a VM

Our application requires that our WP76XX module be passed into a Windows 10 Virtual Machine running on a Redhat/Rocky 8 host with KVM. When we configure this to pass the device into the virtual machine Windows only creates a single device, whereas two are created when run on bare-metal. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this working?

what do you mean by “two are created”
Isn’t this a single module connected to the machine?

Two devices show up in Windows. I am not in front of our system right now, but believe one device is the control device (serial) and the other is a NIC.

have you installed proper driver in the windows VM?
What interface did you see in host linux ?

Have you verifed by connecting to a real Windows PC first?

Yes, we installed the latest driver in Windows.

We are out of the office until Monday, so I cannot get you more specifics until then. The hardware we are using is proprietary, but is essentially generic Intel PC with additional hardware.

When we run bare-metal Linux, everything works as expected. Unless we are mistaken, we see a single device and the drivers bring the NIC up. Once the LTE is connected, the behavior is as expected.

On bare-metal Windows, everything again works as expected. In this configuration, though, Windows shows two devices, one a NIC, the other (presumably) the control interface.

Since we only see one device on Linux, that is the device we pass through to the VM. Our supposition was Windows and/or the driver would sort out the rest. We never see that, though, and the driver shows the yellow driver error.

what did you set for the following?


I believe the NIC is the USB ECM interface.
I am wondering if you also set the RMNET interface, you might able to get data establishment by skylight tool

I don’t believe we set anything extraordinary for these items. I will add more detail when we get back in the office next week.

Here is what we see on Linux (and what we pass into the VM).

as you said that it is working fine in a real windows PC, you can then run the same VM image on that windows to have a windows inside windows, then you can have more clue to see if this is just the VM image problem

On bare metal Rocky Linux 8:
lsusb shows Bus 1 Device 8
lspci shows no Sierra Wireless device
lshw shows a Sierra Wireless WP7607…physical ID b, bus info: usb@1:b

On Windows bare metal (with no drivers):
Shows two Sierra Wireless devices…both with the same location…0000.0014.0000.0011.

Working on VM on Windows, but not sure that helps us much since we are pretty convinced the issue is that we are not passing the devices Windows needs from the Linux host. Since there is only one device we are seeing on Linux and 2 on Windows, not sure how this is apples-to-apples.

VM tool on windows → running windows vm image → ok
VM tool on linux → running same windows vm image → nok

Then this is not module or image problem

Have you tried with usb1.0 or usb2.0 hub?