Can't send AT command to the WP7609 module via UART1

Hi everyone.

Now, I’m trying to send AT command from the PC to the WP7609 module over UART1. But I am not received any response data. I use the module USB_To_TTL (FT232). I checked and have had 1.8V on the VGPIO pin. Does everybody know? and how to fix it?

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I don’t see problem, you can see below:

Have you set AT!MAPUART?

thanks, @jyijyi.
Now, I am using UART1 AT port instead of the USB AT port. Because our PCB has not a USB port. that is our shortcoming.
after set AT!MAPUART. can you use the UART1 AT port?


Yes, as said in the link above, i can use it

@jyijyi thanks for your support!

I will try again as soon as possible.

Hi @jyijyi

Now. I’m trying to interface to the WP7609 module over An USB Port. But I cannot access your website ( to download driver USB win 10 to setup up on my PC. Can you send me this driver?
My email is “” and I’m working in the G-Innovation corporation.

many thanks!

I don’t have driver either

OK. thanks for your reply @jyijyi