How to get the WP7607 device to work on Linux?

Hi all,
I have some issues about development driver for WP7607 device on Linux, I hope get to a response for my problem.

  • My device supported for 6 interfaces (Modem, ECM,DIAG, NMEA,RMNET0 ), when I plugging device on Linux, Linux kernel was load 3 drivers (qmi_wwan, qcserial, cdc_ether) to manage for 6 interfaces.
    My question:
    1/ Do I need develop drivers for my device ?
    2/ if not needed , with 3 drivers above , Is it fully supported to use my device’s features?
    3/ How can I test the features the driver provides on Linux ?
    So my English writing ability is not good, I’m sorry for that!!
    Thank you for your answer!!!

Here is usb driver in linux

You can use minicom to test the AT command port

So do I need to develop drivers for my device?

Do you think wp7606 device will work compatible with those drivers?

Can you compile the driver with your toolchain?

I apologize for my lack of understanding, because this is a completely new field for me, so currently I don’t know how to use the AT command to check.

There is a lot of tutorial in internet

Yes, my task is to develop drivers for WP7607, however when I plug it in there are already drivers available, can you give me some advice on what I should do next?

Can you compile the driver with your toolchain?

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I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean. How compile the driver by toolchain?

Did you consult you board vendor how to use the toolchain?

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I’m sorry ,I think not yet, because I only received the WP7607 device from my superiors and file PDF has name : AirPrime WP76xx/WP77xx USB Driver Developer’s Guide, but document just mention to interfaces and endpoints of device.

Then i suggest you to connect to ubuntu pc as practice first

Btw, does your supervisor guide you on this?

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Yes , it done

Then you can try minicom on AT command communication

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Can you suggest for me some AT command I need try ?

Just type AT and then enter

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it show “OK” when I enter AT

Then that means the driver is working

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Yes, Can you suggest me what I should do next to use the driver feature?