Driver software for the development kit

Hello all,

I have Airprime development kit . ASR-WP series .
I am trying to connect to my PC but the driver software is not getting installed .

I tried installing the linux driver software USB drivers Linux DIP Release Note 3.6_1.7.50 .
I even build the GobiSerial and Gobinet , stil the device is not getting detected .
i am using ubuntu 14.04 version software .
i have downloaded and installed Developer studio . But hardware selection is not happening as device driver not detected .
Help me out

If you are running Ubuntu 12.04 or 14.04, you shouldn’t need to install any drivers to be able to connect to the WP710x module.

What module are you using?

How are you trying to connect? Are you trying to use the Sierra Linux QMI SDK?


Hello jchitty ,

Thanks for the reply
Sorry for my late reply …

I am using wP7104 module . and ubuntu 14.04 .

I hav connected both serial and USB for my development kit .
do i have to download Sierra Linux QMI SDK?