AirPrime HL7588 windows 10 usb driver

Hello All,

I have an AirPrime HL7588 development board, cabled rf connection to a call-box. Connecting via usb1 to a pc running windows 10 home 18362.720. I attempted to install the usb drivers, but the command files could not generate a security certificate. the package looks for a vendor cross certificate in c:\MyProject\Signing\VeriSign-Class-3-Public-Primary-Certification-Authority-G5.cer but Windows 10 does not store the certificates there. is there an updated procedure for windows 10?

Hi cdefant,

Please use the latest USB driver HL7588 from Sierra Wireless at here:

You can try to install it with “Run as administrator”

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Hello Donald, That was the driver I already downloaded. I already tried running with administrator privilege, I believe the procedure to generate/register security certificates is different in windows 10

To clarify, we have been running the kit with the default usb drivers, what serial port settings should we see?

Hi cdefant ,

I can install successfully this driver on my PC Window 10 Pro.

Can you share a screenshot of the error on your PC?


Thanks for your help