AirPrime USB Drivers for Windows 8.0 / 10 ?

I obtained a Sierra AirPrime SL Series Dev kit with SL3010 module. The USB stick had Open AT Application Framework v2-51 full install zip file. On a Windows 7 machine, the install worked and we found a USB driver providing ‘classical’ COM port which we can use with a terminal emulator like PuTTY or RealTerm to emit AT commands which seems to work. Doing the same thing on a Windows 8.1 machine did not seem to install anything. The installer had a window which announced it would work in the background and inform when complete…never did. The device manager shows ‘Sierra Wireless Device’ under ‘other’ with an alert which when opened says the drivers are no installed, code 28. That there are no compatible drivers. Clicking update on line finds nothing (not registered with MSoft). I find some posts on the forum asking for windows 8 drivers for other AirPrime modules but the forums fizzle out with no solution. One suggested trying a driver for SL6087 which did not work for either of us.

I then connected instead to the UART ports at 9600 F8N1 (and some other faster speeds like 56k) with and without HW handshake and Xon/off but although UART2 echoed some characters at 9600…essentially no joy. I found a note on this website saying that UART ports must be ‘activated’ by Sierra or OTA configuration…how I wonder?

Is there a way to get started using Windows 8 or 10?

Thank you

I think the drivers available in source are not compatible with Windows10. You can check with your distributer for the availability of the driver for Windows 10. I will also check internally for any hope :slight_smile: