Everybody help me! can't find USBdirver WP7609

everybody help me!!!

Hello everyone.
Now, I’m trying to interface to the WP7609 module but I can’t found any of the USB drivers of Sierra wireless. I can’t access this website (https://source.sierrawireless.com/Resources/Resources/AirPrime/Tools/USB%20Driver%20Installer.aspx)
everybody has this driver. Please send it to me.
my email is hohuydai@ginno.com. I’m working in the G-innovation corporation.

this picture show in my PC

Hi @huydai2004,

I found the WP76xx driver on my local PC, you can use it for temporary using. But for sure, please download this driver on source page once it’s back online.
Please download them, delete .z then unzip them. Sorry for the inconvenience.
GenericDriverSetup.zip.001.z (4 MB)
GenericDriverSetup.zip.002.z (4 MB)
GenericDriverSetup.zip.003.z (4 MB)
GenericDriverSetup.zip.004.z (4 MB)
GenericDriverSetup.zip.005.z (4 MB)
GenericDriverSetup.zip.006.z (4 MB)
GenericDriverSetup.zip.007.z (711.2 KB)

Hope this is helpful for you.


Thanks for your support.
it works fine.