Throughput issue between EM7565 Sierra Modems

Hello Team,
Our company is testing the network performance designed for future industrial communication scenarios (LTE-A or 5G). Now we have hired external vendor to set up the experimental Base Station/Server/Antenna/CoreNetwork devices and parameters.
We are having few UEs and currently testing Throughput and Latency.
We are using iperf3 for the throughput measurement.

  1. Sierra EM7565 with development kit - USB3 interface
  2. Sierra EM7565 without development kit - USB2 interface
  3. An Andriod Essential Phone.

With respect to Andriod phone, irrespective of the cells (same or different), we are achieving the maximum of 15 Mbytes/sec UDP bandwidth. And between UE1 and UE2 we are achieving around 5 Mbps if the UEs are in same cell and 10 Mbps if the UEs are in different cell.

I am operating the Sierra EM7565 modems through QMI commands. We have our own sim cards designed to accept the APN from our own networks.
The values for LTE Signal Strength are:
RSSI: -54 dBm
RSRQ: -7 dBm
SNR: 24.8 dB
RSRP: -83 dBm

Now after achieving above measurements, we have contacted our network provider asking if there is any problem in radio interface. After so many discussions and so many frequesncy/SW updates, the throughput measurement remains same. Latest news, our external network provider have come to conclusion that the problem remains in the application layer ie in our UEs not in the radio interface.

So i am requesting you, please let me know if there anything can be done in the EM7565 modem through AT commands or qmi commands, i will update the device.

Also, please let me know if your team wants any specific detail about the ongoing tests or the gsstatus, I will provide right away.

Waiting for your inputs.


Hi @smgagan
Please ensure that you are using the latest firmware. You can get the latest firmware from Please ensure that you have the latest drivers for your host installed and that the modem enumerates properly.
I’d suggest that you please reach out to your distributor or Sierra Wireless contact person who can provide pointers for you. Thanks.


Doing this sort of thing on a live network is always problematic. Quite often it is an MTU size issue in the host system which is blocking packets which makes it look like the system has a lower throughput than the actual air interface is running.

The below apps note might give you a few pointers.