M.2 Modem EM7565 - different versions - what is the difference

Can you let me know what is the actual difference between those 2 Sierra Wireless EM 7565 modems:

Sierra Wireless Air Prime EM7565 LTE-Advanced Pro Module - Part # 1104207
Sierra Wireless Air Prime EM7565 LTE-Advanced Pro Module - Part # 1104276

We are working on the IoT project, and this modem seems to fit the bill, to be utilized as our solution going forward, but I need to know, which one should I go for. What is the actualy difference between them?

Looking forward to your reply.
Piotr Szablowski

Hi @piotr ,

The number might be the part number distributor are currently selling. The attachment is the data sheet for EM series. It looks like each EM7565 -part number will have different GPS modes supported may be SKU and Operator dependent. So please consult carefully with your distributor/reseller about supported features (GNSS…)/bands, etc … basing on your purpose/solution before choosing one of them
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SierraWireless_AirPrime_EM_Series_Datasheet.pdf (341.6 KB)

Hi Vianney.

Thank you for the reply. I would agree to what you are saying. We have purchased the modem from TECHSHIP in Sweeden. We have raised the ticket on their product support forum, with the same question, but so far no answer. It has been 5 days now. The problem is that I can’t find the details about the actual differences with those SKU numbers. Nobody seems to know, what is the actual difference. I do believe that it will be pointing to GPS / GSM bands, but what exactly are the differences … I can’t get specifics from anywhere.

Can anybody share more light into this issue?
Piotr Szablowski

Hi Piotr,
from looking at the Techship website there are two EM7565 variants: the old version without support for LTE CBRS bands and the current version with CBRS band support.

In some cases Techship also has two different product ids to distinguish different firmware versions on the device.




Thank you for the reply. Yes, I know that as well. The other model with CBRS bands DISABLED, first of all is OUT OF STOCK, and I don’t think it is even going to be sold again. But anyway. It has a supplier # 1103520. Which is what supposed to be the SKU #. So in fact it is a 3rd variant of SIERRA WIRELESS EM7565 modem. But since it is out of stock, I wasn’t even mentioning about it.

Sierra Wireless Air Prime EM7565 LTE-Advanced Pro Module - Part # 1104207 is what I have received from Techship when we ordered VARIANT 001. There is also Variant 002 - which has SKU # 1104276.

Going by logic of increasing values of SKU # , I would say that CBRS disabled version with lower SKU # 1103520 is out of the question, and I wouldn’t worry about it.

My question still is: What is the difference between SKU# 1104207 and 1104276??

Hi Piotr,
according to Search - Techship SKU# 1104207 has firmware version GENERIC and since 1104276 isn’t listed this chart has to be updated by Techship.


That explains a lot. At least I know now, that we have a GENERIC version of the Firmware with CBRS enabled option. That gives me some kind of guidance.

Thank you very much. I have asked the question to Techship tech support as well. Still waiting for the answers (5 days no word from them…)

Information taken from your LINK:
0839 Sierra Wireless EM7565, CAT-12, M.2 CBRS ENABLED
SKU: 1104207 Firmware: GENERIC

FYI. I have also found the same modem with the same 2 different SKU # on US website. Please see below:
Link to SierraWireless EM7565 SKU# 1104207

Link to SierraWireless EM7565 with SKU # 1104276

That may suggest that the Firmware in the 2nd model is not created by Techship. I have aked the same question to the US PWS Store, but also no answer so far…

Thank you very much.