EM7565 part numbers (CBRS)

We have been developing with part number EM7565_1103520, i.e. the non-CBRS-enabled variant, within an embedded Linux product. We have a custom toolchain, and hence we custom compile the QMI SDK using this toolchain.

We are moving to an initial pre-production run and I have noticed that we have been quoted part number EM7565_1104207. A little research shows that this is the CBRS enabled version. We are only using our product within Europe and we don’t need the CBRS facilities.

This leads to a few questions/concerns. I have asked these questions to our authorized distributor, but haven’t received an official answer as yet. I was wondering what the communities opinion/experience was?

Do Sierra Wireless intend to continue to produce both variants? [We don’t want to CE-mark with one part number and then be forced to move to another. Any change of radio component would, as a minimum, involve a paper-work Technical File that would require review by our Notified Body. Hence there would be a cost for this.]

Would using the EM7565_1104207 affect our software interface (SDK) in any way?

Is a different firmware image used with the EM7565_1104207 compared to the EM7565_1103520? [This could lead to a production issue as we don’t want to control production for two different builds.]


From our perspective CBRS effectively meant just enabling the relevant bands (42, 43 and 48), after that it is down to the configuration of the unit the application applies to it and the network the unit connects with which may or may not be private but the unit will just see it as a.n.other LTE network to be interacted with as an other.

Since the FCC released the bands all of our units have them enabled, units prior to this did not.

So a couple of points that will hopefully answer your questions.

  • There is a single hardware build standard for all EM7565’s,
  • All units now effectively support CBRS (there aren’t two variants), if you want to turn the CBRS bands off then that is up to the system integrator through the at!band command or the relevant QMI API’.
  • Both of the SKU’s you have quoted have firmware on them so no it should not affect the host firmware at all.



Hi Matt,

Thanks for the explanation. That’s cleared things up and put my mind at rest.

Regards, dh29