Embedded Module EM7430 management

Hello everybody, I want to configure Ip address and APN for my modem EM7430, do you know how can I access to management console in order to do it? thanks in advance.

you can use the following AT command in modem port:


Thanks for your help, how can I type these AT commands? is there a management tool for the modem? or should I install something like ADB tool?

did you see modem port in device manager?
If yes, just download tera term and open that port to type AT commands

Yes I see modem port in COM18 and COM19 and also network adapter, I have checked with tera term but I got a black screen and impossible to type any character on COM18 . there is some characters appearing on COM19 and impossible to type any command also.


I mean " modem " port, not these two ports…

Hello I only have these 2 ports in my modem, please a have a look on the picture, there is no ethernet port, there is a wireless port


I mean this modem port in device manager:

BTW, you can also this skylight tool to see if you can enter APN:

Thanks a lot it works with skylight

I want to simulate (fixed) trafic with iperf from Modem (client) towards a pc (server), is there a way to install iperf on modem? thanks in advance.

What is the purpose on this?
To test the usb connection?

normally iperf is used to measure the network throughput

The goal is to make performance test with modem, I am trying to compare thoughput from Modem EM7430 and MC7430. In fact I am able to use iperf with only 1 modem by launching the command through the computer but when there are 2 connected on same computer I cannot differentiate modem with command iperf. That s why I am asking is there is some adb driver in order to initiate command from a specified modem.

why don’t you do the measurement one by one so that only one modem is connected to PC each time?