IP Manager's DDNS don't work


Since few days all my modems using the IP Manager’s DDNS service doesn’t update their IP (normally the IP change every 24h). The DDNS is configured with :
Device name : (device name)
Domain name : eairlink.com
IP Manager Server 1 : edns1.eairlink.com
IP Manager Server 2 : edns2.eairlink.com

The IP adress returned by ns1.eairlink.com and ns2.eairlink.com are not updated and remains on the old one.

Note the IP addresses of this both servers (ns1.eairlink.com and ns2.eairlink.com) seems to be changed recently. Their IP are now and

Thank you.

Hi rmelior,

I’ve had the same problem with two modems using this service, failing at the same time.
I believe too that the IP Manager’s DDNS is not working properly, or something has changed.


Same here.
I have a 150+ RV5x fleet unreachable via their DNS and I’m not able to find any information about it yet :confused:

Same here. I hope for a really quick solution…

Dyndns works fine when I tested in couple RV50 routers within arm’s reach, but we also have many devices unreadhable, so thats not a real solution to change the system…

Hi, is there any confirmation from Sierra Wireless about this issue. I face 13 stations not being reachable at this moment. In two stations we went and change the DNS to DYNDNS-Service. Can we expect that the eairlink.com DNS service will come back? and if yes, when?

From: Dickon Robinson
Sent: Dienstag, 21. Juni 2022 22:36
To: christoph.kuendig
Subject: IP Manager’s DDNS don’t work

Hi Christoph

The Sever was moved but now it has been resolved and is working

Best regards

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