RV50x Dynamic DNS IP address

I have a RV50x device and have configured a dyndns account to enable remote access.

After the device boots I can see the IP address being updated on dyndns by the gateway but the IP address it sets is not the WAN Cellular IP.

I’m unable to access the device at all through this other IP and I’m not sure what adapter it referrs to.

Is anyone able to advise how to ensure the dynamic dns IP uses the cellular WAN address?

Hi ashby.martin,
Please ensure that you can remote access through WAN IP address. If you can’t access, you can not access using dns domain.
You can check dynDNS function with Sierra server for free. Try to configure “IP Manager” in dynDNS service.
-> Enter device name example: RV50test, domain = eairlink.com; IP Manager Server 1 = edns1.eairlink.com
-> Reboot
To check, you can ping your RV50 WAN IP, and then ping to RV50test.eairlink.com (if it routes to WAN IP, so you can access to web page using this domain)

If you use third party dns such as dyndns.org, make sure that your domain is correct


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