DDNS IP Manager Service not working?

Since last week the IP addresses for about 20 RV50 are not updated in DDNS eairlink.com. Is the DDNS service IP Manager *.eairlink.com still working? The configuration runs well for many years , suddenly no longer. Nothing has been changed:
IP Manager Server: edns1.eairlink.com, edns2.eairlink.com

They public IP addresses are changed daily by the provider, so I don’t know the current addresses.

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We have same problems with LS300 and LX40. Modems started losing connections to our monitor room around 10th of june. Some are working and some are not. We booted the modems, it did help, but only for a couple of days until we lost connections again. Tried booting again, this time with no luck. Now we have 40% of our sites without connection.

From: Dickon Robinson
Sent: Dienstag, 21. Juni 2022 22:36
To: christoph.kuendig
Subject: IP Manager’s DDNS don’t work

Hi Christoph

The Sever was moved but now it has been resolved and is working

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