IP Manager end of service - solutions?

Hello everyone,

I just read the 4.16.0 Aleos’ release note and found this part :

The Sierra Wireless IP Manager Dynamic DNS service is intended for limited use in testing or evaluation
scenarios. This service is unmonitored and is provided without any service level commitments or uptime expectations.
This service may go offline periodically and without notice. This service should not be used in any mission-critical
customer application, and Sierra Wireless recommends that customers configure an alternate commercial dynamic
DNS service. Note that Sierra Wireless will discontinue our free IP Manager Dynamic DNS Service (hosted at
eairlink.com) effective July 1, 2023.

I manage a fleet of almost 200 RV5x with IP Manager and I’m feeling quite lost.

Which solution do you recommend ? Dyn-dns.com ? No-ip ? anything else ?

Many thanks

Hi @Case ,
According to release note, you should configure an alternate commercial dynamic DNS service instead.
In addition, you can also refer to other features of Dynamic DNS at Section 9 - Services Configuration on page 258 in the link below: